My Paddington Pups - Maltipoos, Maltese and Poodles

My Paddington Pups

Puppy pick up dates

Puppies will have their Wellness Exams and first immunization at 8 weeks old.  



$1950.  All puppies are the same price.  We don't differentiate for gender or color.

Let's talk about color!!

Puppies are often born one color and change as they mature.  First generation crosses are very hard to predict color and particularly shades of a color.

Can we guarantee size of puppies?
No.  However, we can tell you the size of the parents and previous puppies. 

Shipping our puppies?
Yes. we ship.  We use Delta Pet Safe Programs for direct flights to the closest airport to you.  We only choose non-stop flights and charge $450. for the flight, an airline approved crate, Veterinarian health certificate, rabies shot if 12 weeks or older and our travel.  

Do we have a health guarantee?

 Can I visit my puppy?     
We don't have people come out to visit their puppies prior to their first immunization or when we have a younger litter in the house that hasn't been vaccinated yet.

How do we pay for our puppy?
We accept zelle, popmoney, bank transfers or wire transfers or cash on pick up.

Puppy Deposits
ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  We accept Non-Refundable Deposits  from approved people on selected puppies to hold.  We  also accept a limited amount of approved people for our waitlist.  The Waitlist requires a $500.00 Non-Refundabe deposit which is applicable for one year.  Balances on selected puppies need to be paid in full by 6 weeks old on all puppies.  All Deposits Are Non-Refundable.

Do we pre-screen families?
Absolutely.  Our puppy's new home is extremely important to us.  We are looking for permanent homes and families who are looking for a puppy to bring into their family to be part of their life and life style.

 Boys vs Girls
About 75% of people looking for puppies ask for girls and most are adamant they do not want a boy.  When choosing a puppy as a family pet, you may want to rethink that or at least revisit it. The difference between boys and girls is very minimal in altered dogs. Testosterone is what causes a male dog to mark his territory and some to develop some undesirable traits for a house dog.  If your male is neutered as a younger puppy they will never develop any of those traits as the testosterone rise begins at puberty. Boys can be extremely loyal, focused and often easier to train, lower key and all around amazing canine companions. Don't miss out on the perfect pet because of gender!​  Always follow your veterinarian's suggestions.

Puppy pick up dates

Puppies will have their Veterinarian Wellness Exam and first immunization at 8 weeks old. They will have been wormed at 2,4,6, & 8 weeks. They are ready to go home after that.


We tried posting a policy change regarding the waitlist and deposits and listening to what people have to say.  Everyone is very upset about it and really wants us to reconsider.  So after much discussion and consideration we have reconsidered and will continue using a waitlist and deposit system, however, we will be requiring more legal paperwork to be signed prior to accepting anyone for the waitlist.