My Paddington Pups - Maltipoos, Maltese and Poodles



$2200.  All puppies are the same price.  We don't differentiate for gender or color.

Let's talk about color!!

Puppies are often born one color and change as they mature.  First generation crosses are very hard to predict color and particularly shades of a color.

Can we guarantee size of puppies?
No.  However, we can tell you the size of the parents and previous puppies. 

Shipping our puppies?
Yes. we ship.  We use Delta Pet Safe Programs for direct flights to the closest airport to you.  We only choose non-stop flights and charge $450. for the flight, an airline approved crate, Veterinarian health certificate, rabies shot if 12 weeks or older and our travel.  

Do we have a health guarantee?

 Can I visit my puppy?     
We don't have people come out to visit their puppies prior to their first immunization or when we have a younger litter in the house that hasn't been vaccinated yet.  Due to Covid 19, right now we aren't having anyone out for visits.

How do we pay for our puppy?
We accept zelle, popmoney, bank transfers or wire transfers or cash on pick up.

Puppy Deposits
ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  We accept Non-Refundable Deposits  from approved people on selected puppies to hold.  We  also accept a limited amount of approved people for our waitlist.  The Waitlist requires a $500.00 Non-Refundabe deposit which is applicable for one year.  Balances on selected puppies need to be paid in full by 6 weeks old on all puppies.  All Deposits Are Non-Refundable and have been for 20+ years.

Do we pre-screen families?
Absolutely.  Our puppy's new home is extremely important to us.  We are looking for permanent homes and families who are looking for a puppy to bring into their family to be part of their life and life style.

 Boys vs Girls
About 75% of people looking for puppies ask for girls and most are adamant they do not want a boy.  When choosing a puppy as a family pet, you may want to rethink that or at least revisit it. The difference between boys and girls is very minimal in altered dogs. Testosterone is what causes a male dog to mark his territory and some to develop some undesirable traits for a house dog.  If your male is neutered as a younger puppy they will never develop any of those traits as the testosterone rise begins at puberty. Boys can be extremely loyal, focused and often easier to train, lower key and all around amazing canine companions. Don't miss out on the perfect pet because of gender!​  Always follow your veterinarian's suggestions.

Puppy pick up dates

Puppies will have their Veterinarian Wellness Exam and first immunization at 8 weeks old. They will have been wormed at 2,4,6, & 8 weeks. They are ready to go home after that.

Communication and clarification  8/5/20

We are a small, in home hobby breeder.  Our dogs are our family companions and pets first, breeders second.   We are a large and very busy family with many responsibilities.  We often have a few litters close to the same time as the girls come in season close together.  We also often have no puppies or pregnancies for several months off and on throughout the year.  People get very anxious and agitated if they're trying to contact us and we don't respond.  This is because we literally get so many more calls, texts, emails, contacts per day than we could ever respond to.  We would love to be able to spend our days on the phone, doing emails and texts and we feel like we do in every spare moment....but the fact is we can't keep up.  If we were a large actual kennel with a lot of dogs like so many breeders out there, we would designate someone just for the purpose of communications.  People used to choose us because of the fact that our dogs are our family companions and our puppies are born and raised in the house and never see the outdoors until they've had their first immunizations.  People were looking for small in home breeders that differentiated them from "kennels" and large facilities designed to produce many puppies very often.  They chose us exclusively as their breeders and were willing to get on a waitlist with a non-refundable deposit to show their intent  and wait for the puppy they really wanted.  We've operated that way 20+ years.  Suddenly everyone wants a puppy right now and are very aggressive about the process.  The purpose of having a $500. non-refundable deposits was to ensure people were serious about us and willing to wait and would come back.  However, now people are very willing to go through the approval process and are very insistent on placing a deposit and getting on the waitlist and commiting to us as their breeder.  They claim they understand the wait and suddenly out of the blue, find another puppy or change their minds and insist on their deposit back and become threatening and persistent and literally harassing by legal definition.  This is discouraging and disheartening to say the least.  We aren't going to continue in the same manner.  We are going to finish getting puppies out to our people on the existing waitlist and will end any process of being approved and on a waitlist for a puppy.   We tried this a couple months ago and were met with so many well intentioned people that truly loved our process and many already had puppies from us and wanted us to continue.  We tried it again and it was worse. 

We want to thank all the wonderful families and individuals over the years who have stayed in contact, many became friends, sent so many lovely pictures and letters we've enjoyed more than you know.  We sit around as a family and look at all the pics of our beloved dogs and compare and enjoy them so much.  We are so happy for the wonderful homes you've given our puppies and are so devoted to them. Once upon a time we lived in a different world where many more people honored their commitments and their word meant something to them.  Now they're quick to change, no moral filters, revenge without regard to their actions.  So for now we will continue to work on the existing waitlist.  After that is done we will post puppies when they're ready to go home and approve families at that time and have them out to pick up their puppies and pay for them in full  at that time. 

I will continue to work with my close friend who's puppies I also post on my website periodically which gives more opportunity to get a puppy than I can offer.

Thank you for reading this very lengthy explanation!           


My Paddington Pups