Tammie & Jolene's girls

Best Gift EVER!!!

Chloe is doing so good!  She's our angel.

Tiger is doing very well.  He is our joy.  We feel so blessed to have him.  His puppy coat turned light tan..so adorable.

Finn with my daughter's dog Ryder!  Finn had a vet appt yesterday for 2 shots and he now weighs 4.2# and is healthy.  He is loved by everyone and a highlight in my life.  He brings me happiness and I want to thank you for this.  

Our family is complete. What an amazing little puppy. So Smart, and such a lover. 
You did good my friend. Really. He is like a little baby, not sleeping through the night, but that is okay too. He doesn't seem to have any separation issues. He has lots of people to love him, and play with him too. 
Really, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your Paddington Pup Family. We adore him!
We send lots of Love and Blessings your way,
Dave, Beth, Bri, and G-ma, we're calling him "Romeo".

Kya is our whole world.  We love her like she's our baby.  She has the best life ever with us and she is the kindest, most gentle soul that is patient, loyal and so fun to have.  Thank you!

Hi Mikelle,

​Misha is four years old, and continues to amaze us and others.  He is playful, beautiful, loving and so smart.  My husband and I feel so lucky having Misha in our lives.  And you should be so proud that Misha is an official emotional support dog.  One of his official jobs is wayfinding.  Attached are a couple photos.

Thank you!

Lola harvesting olives in Italy

 Paddington Pups

Rembrandt & Mona are  7 & 6 now!!

​Absolute joys. The most perfect family companions possible! So healthy too!                   Mona -------------->>>

My lil soulmate, Lucy, was a Shih-poo. My husband and her passed away around the same time and I was devastated. I held off on getting a new lil pup since Lucy was literally the greatest dog I’ve ever owned. She never took her eyes off me – she loved me so much. My daughter knew how much she meant to me. She saved up ALL of her money and researched many breeders to give me the best lil companion. She surprised me one day with the BEST little maltese. He is beyond intelligent and extremely well adjusted. I didn’t even realize dogs could be that well adjusted as puppies. I learned it was from the Bio-feedback system Mikelle uses. He is also the healthiest, most alert & strongest puppy I’ve had. Also, Mikelle was extremely responsive and a wonderful person. I know it was hard for her to let him go. I’m just so beyond blessed to have the greatest daughter in the universe and now the best lil companion I could have ever hoped for.

Tammie's kids!

Hello!  We are thinking of possibly getting a new playmate for our sweet baby Ginger.  My husband and I are so in love with her and want to thank you again for the most amazing baby we got from you.  Ginger is now almost 1.5 yrs old.  She is very protective of us and wanted to know if and when we should or should not get her a playmate.  You are the expert on the beautiful Maltipoo.  I'm not kidding you this is the most spoiled dog we have ever owned.  Our vet and his staff love her we have so many people who want to watch her and even have a girl in the neighborhood who just stops by to see if she can take ginger on a walk.  Ginger even has a closet full of clothes and hats.  I know it's silly but I can't help myself.

Erin & Ruth inseparable!!

Hi Mickelle,

Misha had his 6th birthday, and he's doing great.  He keeps a close eye on us so we don't get away, and still loves to ride in the car. He brightens our lives so much, always brings a smile to us and strangers on the street.

I still haven't ruled out getting another pup  and  love checking out your website.

Thanks for bringing Misha into our lives!

We've had her almost a year and she's great.  She is just a playful crazy fur baby.  She and Gracie get along just like sisters! In every sense of the word!  Lol She is just great. You made our family complete.

Finn is doing great. His appointment at the vet was perfect, stool sample and all.  Thank you he is my little buddy, and much needed companion.  

Jameson & Charlie & their big sister! They're the best We love them so much!

Hi MIkelle,

This is Shari L. I wanted to send you this picture of Olivia.  She is doing great! 8.5 lbs. and we love her so much.  She is very smart and so friendly with everyone, people and dogs! We recommend you to anyone interested in a maltipoo.  Anyway, Happy Holidays from Shari Gary and Livy!

We are convinced Sabai is the sweetest , funniest, smartest, cutest puppy we have ever met. 
We go to class  Mondays and he is so funny to watch. 
We Thank you for this special doggie that has brought so much Joy in our home. 
Happy Summer! 

She's the best! We love her so much! Thank you!

Hi there, it's Riesa.  Wanted to brighten your day with a photo from Floyd...he's been the best baby boy and added so much love and joy to our lives!!! He is 5 1/2 months and weighs around 3.7lbs super spunky and full of personality! Thank you!! We are trying to decide when to get him a friend. 

We love Paddington Pups, Mikelle and her family for raising such amazing puppies.  Our dog Kinglsey is a perfect addition to our family and it's all because of the attention they are paid from day one.  Paddington Pups takes care in preparing each pup for it's new home and the Bio Sensor program speaks for itself.  Our pup was easy to train, gets along great with all people and dogs and loves to play.  Groomers have raved about how well behaved he is.  We really appreciate the time Mikelle took with us as first time dog owners to make sure that we were a good fit for this little guy.  We have recommended Paddington Pups to our friends and not a decision we took lightly and would highly recommend them to anyone serious about a happy healthy dog.

​Our family couldn't thank you enough  amazing puppy...Tiger is now 1 year old....

​Jen & my son Jimmy


Thanks so much for Tessa!  She is doing very well, playing with Beatrixm eating well, up to date on vaccines and vet visits.

​I have sent you these puppies as they reminded me of your dogs! ​​


Thank you for this precious little girl. <3

Nala Oliphant 8 1/2 months old.  We love her!


Jim, Kim, Nicole, Cassidy, Nala and Kyle Oliphant

We can’t thank you enough for our sweet little girl Bonnie and always doting on her for all the cuteness and love she’s brought us. We love her!!

​Buddy is quite the smart and handsome boy. He enjoys taking his nap on my shoulder and doesn't miss a moment of social time. He went through puppy kindergarten and puppy intermediate.....he was the smallest in the class but held his own against the big dogs. He's a chewer...We are working on that. He's the most adorable boy ever.....<3. 

​Hope all is well at Paddington Pups!

Hi Mikelle!

He is such a joy!!! We are IN LOVE!!! The biosensor training has been such a big deal giving him this great start to socialization! We have continued and he goes to daycare three days a week, daily walks and play in the yard, and rides in the boat! He has flown to ND, been to Portland, Winthrop, is going to Wenatchee and will go next month to San Francisco! I cannot thank you enough for all that you do as a breeder and for letting us have one of your amazing pups!!! EVERYONE who meets him is smitten!!!

Please feel free to use these on your site! His color is GORGEOUS!!

​Bentley and Ceara.....They love each other!

This is Nancy, the proud ‘mother’ of Jacques Rufus Eckerlin (AKA: Thomas) born May 2, 2019.

Our little man is so sweet! All of the work you did for him before we were privileged to bring him home is truly noticeable and appreciated. Rick keeps saying he is so pleased that we have Rufus. He is also so protective of our little man! And, they have so much fun together! Yes, we have lots of love in our home and we are enjoying the entertainment he provides on a daily basis. He is very smart and understands everything we say, or so it seems.

Our Nika.  Such a beautiful,  happy and obedient girl.

Finn is loving the snow. I'll send you a video. We love him beyond words thankyou!!!!!

Just thought I'd send you a recent picture of Willis-Beckett born April 23, 2018. We love him so much!!

Hello!  We have fallen completely in love with our puppy Koji Bean Poodle.  Thank you!

Hi Mikelle!

It's been 2.5 years already!  I just wanted to thank you again for giving us the opportunity to be Roxy's family!  She is my sidekick, my fur baby, we love her so much!  She is such a good girl, so very smart and playful.  People ask me all the time where we got her and I always pass on your info. You're truly breed from amazing moms and dads! Hope you and your family are well!


Dave, Jess, Max, Zac and Jackson

Lola & Lili Best friends already!!

Shawn's babies  Mylee & Tucker

Abby is a gem.  She is adapting and adjusting well and is an absolute joy to be with - easy going but with a healthy dose of charisma and playfulness.  Abby is changing and growing, inch by inch, and developing her own personality.  She and I have already foraged a genuine and heartwarming bond.

Abby had her first veterinary visit yesterday and was given a clean bill of health.  Good teeth and occlusion alignment; good hips and knees; strong heart and lungs; excellent skin with a dense/full coat of hair.  The entire staff at MurrayHill Veterinary swooned over Abby.  You will be pleased to know that Abby weighed in at 2 lbs 1 oz on the clinic’s digital electronic baby scale (up from 1 pound 14 oz).

This little girl has my full love.  I could not be happier than I am when I am with Abby.  You and your boys gave Abby a wonderful start in life.

Karen + Abby

Hi Mikelle!!
Hello from Joyce and Michelle. Calla - now Ellie - is two years old and doing so, so incredibly well. We just wanted to update you on Ellie; she's about 16 inches long and 11 inches tall, five pounds and nine ounces. She's so rambunctious, happy, and sweet - everybody we meet asks if we just got her or if she's just a young puppy (or even a purebred Maltese)! Her coat is now starting to develop a stronger curl pattern, too. 
Thank you for giving us the honor of being Ellie's family: she brings us so much joy, love, stability, and laughter with her cleverness and cuteness. 
I've attached a photo of her from today looking regal as ever!

Mikelle- oh my goodness this little guy has been such a gift to our family. We did let the kids pick a name for him so he goes by "Charlie" now, but thank you for our sweet little Charlie.  He is our big bright light at the end of 2020.  We hope he's havng as much fun and feeling all the love that we are feeling.

Such a beautiful addition to our family. We are so grateful to you...there are no adequate words!!!

My Paddington Pups - Maltipoos, Maltese and Poodles

The greatest Christmas present ever!!  He's working out so well.  Thank you for giving him such a beautiful home and family.  Merry Christmas!

Hi Mikelle,
I thought you would enjoy a few photos of Coco (Stevie) enjoying her new home! She’s such a happy and fun little puppy! Amazing with the kids and all their friends and loving lots of new experiences.

Pearl is just gorgeous tbut above all she is the sweetest dog I have ever had hands down.  

Just a quick note to tell you how well Ruby is doing.
She’s beautiful, smart and full of personality.  
I’m totally smitten. As you know I lost my husband and it’s been very difficult 
adjusting to his absence.  Ruby is great company and a terrific companion.
I couldn’t be happier with her.
Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs, you can tell they are well socialized with your children.